My name is Simon Drake.

I am registered in Germany as a freelancer (Ust. 1281302500) and available for selected finance clients.

I’m an expert at creating, designing, editing, formatting and managing presentations and pitches for the finance industry.

I studied Graphic Design in 1993, worked as a Graphic Designer in Brisbane and Sydney, moved into Desktop Publishing, and worked at:

  • FINSIA: Compiling content and printing Financial Education documents, e.g. for stock brokers, fund managers, advisers.
  • Australian Graduate School of Management:  Print Production co-coordinator for the University of New South Wales’s Australian Graduate School of Management MBA Program.

I later moved to London and worked at:

  • Goldman Sachs Presentations Assistant – 3 years
  • Houlihan Lokey  Presentations  – 2 years
  • Smaller boutique funds and financiers around Pall Mall and Mayfair
  • Various management consultancies and international public relations firms.

I then moved to Frankfurt am Main, and am currently working at:

I am also the co-founder of Space Ventures Investors, a niche space start-up creating space investing products.

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