Supply Chain Diagrams

The Globalized Economy is a network of interlinked and interdependent supply chains.

A rise in oil prices sends price rises up and down the line, proof that connectivity equals vulnerability, and in a world of supply and demand, there is always profitability.

If anything can be learnt it is to know your supply chain and the factors that may alter or disrupt it.

Because the Customer is Number One, look at your business from their perspective: You’re part of the Supply Chain that brings a product into their grasp. For you though, the customer is part of a Supply Chain that supplies your bank account with funds. Interconnectivity is never limited, it is an evolving network, self-aware, and reacts to change quite rapidly.

After creating your own extensive Supply Chain, sketch an alternative Supply Chain, on the assumption that two or three vital and trusted elements were removed and needed to be replaced.