Working Together

Presentations Specialist Frankfurt English


I am experienced in the procedures required when working with finance clients.

If your are in Frankfurt…

Get in contact, we can meet to discuss the type of document you require, the deadline, client demands, the skills of your team, and how I can best add-value. I can work on-site using your software and agree to your terms and conditions, e.g. Non-Disclosure Agreement.

If you are outside of Frankfurt…

Same as above but I will be working remotely, so we can work out the best way to work together; via a data room, virtual desktop, or password protected material.

Some basics….

  1. Know your deadline. Is it fixed, flexible, or was it yesterday?
  2. Know your time constraints: You have a pitch but do you have enough time and resources to complete it?
  3. Know your Project, and what you don’t know, e.g. missing source material, things to be written, partners to be contacted.
  4. Know Your Budget. You need a document to win a deal so how much is the deal worth, what are your chances of winning it, and how much will you spend to win the deal?
  5. What format do you need? A Printed Presentation? An On-screen Presentation? A 300 page Request for Proposal full of  technical details and confidential intellectual property?
  6. Contact Simon to discuss the production process.


Most Investment Banking Presentations are completed in PowerPoint and Excel, some in Microsoft Word, and are exported as a PDF for printing or viewing on-screen.

You can supply your materials in the format you prefer, like Adobe PDFs, printed material, or even hand-written notes and sketches (which is sometimes the best way to articulate an idea).

Note: Printing or viewing on-screen. Different PowerPoint templates are used for printing or viewing on-screen, including using a projection or ‘beamer’.